Friday, March 6, 2020

One Thing At A Time

The trick to improving is to not go for it all at once. If you're trying to improve your game, your RP, your encounters, and your narration all at once you're just going to get overwhelmed. It's too much to focus on all at once. You'll literally get in your own way and sabotage yourself.

Instead, break down what you want to do into small bits. Pick one thing - ideally the easiest of the list - and focus on that. Get it down. Get it into your head. Get it to the point you don't really have to think about it it is just a tool in your arsenal. Once you've done that, grab the second easiest thing. Then the third. Keep going until you've gone through the whole list.

Along the way, take time to look back. Are you happy with how you're using what tools you have? Are you happy with how they're working in the game? Are they making the game more fun? More interactive? Easier to prep?

Take stock of how far you've come. Celebrate it.


Someone who realized how much they've forgotten from moving on too fast.

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