Friday, March 20, 2020

Discussion: Are You Moving Your Game, And If So Where To?

On Wednesday I recommended moving your game online for the foreseeable future as the Covid19 pandemic continues to go nuts around the world. Today DNDBEYOND expanded the campaign sharing to 5 campaigns per subscriber to help encourage people to keep their games online and stay inside.

My question today is are you moving your game, and if so where to? Are you going into a system like Roll20? Are you just keeping it simple with Discord or Google Apps? Are you going more robust? Dropping a ton of cash on buying more digital books to get the adventure and everything you need?

I've moved my game to Roll20, and it has made me very happy about how popular D&D 5e is. Simply put the amount of online support for running D&D is a little nuts. Every game should have this. There are free extensions and advice and everything you could want on the internet if you're willing to put a bit of time in. There's also a lot of low cost unofficial supplements, maps, tokens, adventures, and other things.

I do mostly custom content for my games, but having easy to import monsters has been a big relief for getting ready to GM online.

What about you? Moving online? Already online? Keeping it in person?


  1. I've moved everything online, using a combination of Roll20 for rolls/characters and chat, and Discord for audio. My D&D game moved almost seamlessly, my Star Wars Mandalorian campaign with a little difficulty. My Star Trek game was already online.

    The big benefit is, between quarantines and shelters-in-place, everyone suddenly has a *lot* more time for playing. And since my job right now is very passive, mostly just responding to emails, it's easy for me to run and play throughout the day.

    1. I really want to try running/playing a Star Trek style game. not necessarily Trek, but a world/approach where the players get to travel but are more focused on diplomacy, peace keeping, and de-escalation over the normal "you wot mate? *hit it with a stick*" you get in a lot of games.