Friday, February 21, 2020

Discussion: Favorite Thing to Explore

When it comes to Exploration in games do you have a favorite setting or thing to explore? Do you like delving dungeons and exploring the bases and towers of wizards both ancient or current? Do you prefer to explore the wild wilderness, in something that could be done as a hex crawl or otherwise involves being on the frontier? Do you like space age exploration like in Star Trek, visiting strange planets and stellar phenomenon?

I don't think many games I've been in have had much in the way of exploration aside from dungeons. But I've been tempted on numerous occasions to do a more space type exploration. The type of freedom it gives is very nice, and you can literally do a bit of everything as you please. In a Star Wars game I'm in, the GM does write ups for systems with all sorts of details that may not be super relevant to the game but are fun to have and can be pulled in by the players. It gives a sense of what the system is dealing with, and I always appreciate that.

What about you?

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