Friday, February 28, 2020

Discussion: Favorite Small Moment

When it comes to small moments, small bits of character interaction and growth, does anything stand out for you as one you particularly liked? It doesn't have to be one involving your character, just one you've seen.

For me the one that always stands out was a 'small moment' that ended up eating half a session in a Dark Heresy campaign I was in. There were 4 players, but one had to run the shop a lot so mostly it was 3 players with a 4th one for combat and such. We were on a mission to escort some NPC, and for whatever reason had to hole up for a night. Cut to about 2 hours of roleplaying our characters sitting around a fire with an NPC just talking about things we'd already done, things going on, and sharing stories of adventures.

It was a really stand out moment of characterization that showed bonding that otherwise wasn't super apparent in the group aside from a few key moments because, well, otherwise we were on the job and had things to do.

The second favorite moment is the same group of people, and from earlier in the same mission. Meeting the NPC at a bar, we all scanned the crowd to see who was there. The Scum (my character) failed and misread a couple people as being suspicious. The other two characters (an arbiter and a psycher) made their check. So they see no one worth noting, and my character notes two guys at the back of the bar who are suspicious.

Normally in a game what happens is the players who made their check just shrug and that is what happens. However, both the psycher and arbiter players realized that their characters trusted the Scum's intuition more than their own. So suddenly those two guys were a problem that needed to be watched.

Another check happens. This time a social roll. The arbiter fails, the other two make it. Only we trust the arbiter for reading social interactions more than us so it keeps going. Long story short, two guys whose only crime was thinking the person we were meeting was hot ended up having a really bad day. All because in this game the players were in their characters enough that the dice didn't matter, what their character related and heard from the other characters did.

It was absolutely awesome. And I hope to someday see or get to be part of a moment like it again.

What about you?

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