Friday, January 31, 2020

Discussion: How Much Do You Prep?

For the GMs out there, how much do you prep for each session? I've found myself the last couple weeks either prepping too much and having a lot of useless stuff on my hands, or prepping too little and having to improv more than I would normally like.

This week alone I gave myself a pretty narrow list of things to prepare, but then found myself getting hung up on all sorts of small details that aren't relevant. The best part is I'm only 25% sure the entire area I got hung up on will be seen by the players. Which is fine. The information will never be totally useless - regardless of my first paragraph - because it can always come up again later on.

I'm going into the session with a few encounters, a couple areas, and no idea if any of them will be relevant. At least one of the areas won't be used on a best case scenario. Still, aside from some of the minutiae details I spent a bit too much time on, I think I'm fairly well prepared with this.

What about you though? How much do you prepare? Do you over prepare? Do you purposely under prepare and just give yourself a few ideas?

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