Friday, October 25, 2019

Discussion: What Type of Character Do You Want To Play But Can't For Whatever Reason?

Earlier in the week we bought some new furniture and had it delivered. While the delivery guy was here, he noticed our D&D books and it turns out he was also a gamer. We got to talking about games for a while when he said that he'd been looking for years for a game where someone would let him be a dragon, but no one would do it.

It got me wondering what other types of characters are out there that people would like to play, but for whatever reason can't find a game - or don't have one available at the moment - to do it in.

So what character do you want to play but can't?

I'm honestly not sure what my own answer to this would be. I mean, on one hand: I want to play everything, and I'm not in enough games to do that. On the other hand, I've never had super strong feelings about types of characters I want to play that I haven't been able to fulfill. I've never had a particularly strong desire to be a dragon, or some other monster race in a game. I am generally happy to build in the confines of the game, because what I am looking for is the game itself.

Still, I am curious about others. What would you like to play? Why can't you?

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  1. Characters with extremely powerful abilities that only come up under certain (dramatic) conditions that are in spotlight time balance with other characters. Along similar lines, seemingly, characters with really useful abilities that are completely different from the norm. The closest is mostly useless abilities that are completely different from the norm that amuse me to a degree but make my PCs mechanically inferior to other PCs.

    In campaign play, Good PCs. Compassionate, kind, charitable, supportive, innocent-protecting, society-boosting. The party will just either choose mindless action or absurdly pointless self-interest over actually trying to accomplish any good and the GMs won't reward Goodness.