Monday, August 19, 2019

The Benefit of Genre Deconstruction

I started watching The Boys on Amazon over the weekend. I'm not sure I like the show enough to recommend it, but it does have some things going for it. One thing I like about it, and other media that is trying to be deconstructive of its genre, is that it gives a different point of view on tropes, settings, and how things work.

The Boys does this really well when you look at the lives of The Seven in the show. Sure, there is the angle that the super heroes are not the good guys they're supposed to be. However, there is also the obstacles and problems they face in their lives. They're sponsored by a company that also funds their team.

Even their equivalent of superman chafes under the corporate control. The realities of needing to maintain their sponsor, do what the coin purse says, and pay attention to their public image and what people see them doing are all incredible things to see.

Why? Because they're not things you see a lot in other super hero material. And while, when running a game, you probably shouldn't go full on with this. It does give you little things to put in the way of the heroes. Small hitches and problems that can't be solved by punching or combat rules.

Do your heroes go with the new outfit? or do they risk losing their sponsor? What do they do when their act of herosim gets them in trouble with the people giving them legal coverage?

You can get similar things just by considering the realities of the world. What hindrances affect your life in your career? How would those impact someone in the job your PCs have in their world?

Something to consider, if nothing else.

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