Friday, July 26, 2019

Discussion: Favorite Weapon In Gaming?

What is your favorite weapon in gaming? Any system, any genre.

In my case I think I have two worth mentioning.

The first is Grithane. Grithane was a +5 Elven Defender Great Sword vs. Green Dragons in AD&D second edition. A Ranger I played in an old old game ended up carrying it. The thing that made Grithane special was that it was also an intelligent sword that could speak out loud. When in the presence of Green Dragons, the sword would get loud and belligerent - spoiling for a fight. A fact that caused a number of very memorable moments throughout the course of the campaign.

Said character with Grithane ended up leaving the campaign after fighting an exact copy of himself made by his god. Faced with an exact replica of itself as a foe, Grithane was silent for the first time ever during a fight.

That weapon is pretty specific though. Beyond that, I think my favorite weapon is the Lightsaber from Star Wars. This is more because of Star Wars and me being a fanboy. Something about the Lightsaber just speaks to me though. I love the simplicity of the design. I love that with a Jedi the weapon can be defense or offense. And I like the idea of what it means to be a sword wielding knight in a world full of guns...even if Star Wars itself doesn't always think about it.

What about you though? What is your favorite weapon?

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  1. Toss up for me. Either the Wakizashi of Mirumoto Dani. I loved that weapon not because it was special for some other reason, but because of what the dice did with storytelling. That sword wanted blood, every time I hit with the Wakizashi, the person died. Right Now. Mechanically the wakizashi should have been nothing special, but it was, a special murder weapon.

    The other weapon is really a pair of weapons. Weapons that in L5R should be disposable, the hand axes of my heavy armored Yoritomo who favored this awful brutal pair of hand axes. He would tap the flat backs together before wading into fights with them. They near my favorites because of the descriptions I could use with them. The weapons led to such a fun, descriptive fighting style that matched the style of the character so well, and was so fun to play with.

    The Boom Gun used by Glitterboys in RIFTS is also up there.