Friday, June 21, 2019

Discussion - Have Your Players Ever Chosen To Be TPK'd?

In talking about games past with some friends recently, I remembered that I had an L5R game end when the players deliberately chose to be TPK'd instead of taking a more....sane...path.

The situation was fairly simple. The PCs were members of the Lion Clan in the fictional "Akodo Second Army" and were specifically sent to check the border with Dragon Lands. Unfortunately for the Lion, this was as the Dragon were attacking Lion Lands.

Their two person squad was between a Lion army and the rest of Lion lands. The situation to me seemed obvious: return to base, report the army, the war starts. The PCs took a different path.

They sent 1 person home - the character of the player who couldn't make that session - and they attacked the dragon army. They knew it was death. They also knew it could, and would, slow the army down at least a little bit. If nothing else, it would buy the closest villages time as their runner went through them to spread the word.

We rolled out the fight to see how well they did. They did better than I expected they could. They made an impact on the army. They killed 2 to 3 times their number. They made the Dragon take notice....but they all died in the end.

The best part was all the players were completely happy with the result. So it made a great end to the game.

Still, I am curious, anyone else have a game end on them like this?

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