Friday, May 3, 2019

Discussion: Dice Superstitions

Do you have any dice superstitions? Does your table? It tends to be that people who do stuff bound to random chance end up with some habit, belief, or superstition tied to it, and they can be very interesting to see what they are.

One player in my game has special dice for each character. Using the wrong dice for the wrong character gets blamed for all the bad rolls and leads to a quick switch. Or is celebrated for an off role - a fighter's die getting a good result on an athletics check for a wizard for example.

I know another player that won't roll until they stack all their dice a certain way, max result pointing up to get the dice ready for how they should land.

The very fact that Wyrmwood sells dice jails is a good sign of superstitions being common.

Any time someone swaps out a die because it is "rolling poorly today" is similar. (Though a weighted die or off-balance die could consistently roll good or bad.)

How about at your table?

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