Friday, April 5, 2019

Discussion: Shadow, Sword, Spell, or Scroll?

Regardless of game or genre, certain play styles and character archetypes seem to permeate RPGs. It's ubiquitous enough, that there is even a game named Shadow, Sword, & Spell you can get. These archetypes show up partly because of their place in stories, but also because of how much people like them.

Taken out of the fantasy trappings you get: stealth, combat, magic/technology, and social.

The question for today is which of the four do you find yourself drawn to most often when playing games? Obviously everyone has different levels of pull to each. And you never know when you are going to really feel the need to play one more than the others, but in general where do you fall?

My traditional answer to this is Stealth. I love rogues. I love spying. I love sneaking around. And I love the fantasy of being a lithe, agile person navigating the world and its dangers by employing quick wits and that agility more so than just straight up tanking.

That's my traditional answer. However, the last few years - the last like 8 I guess? - I've also found a love for being the front liner. Taking the blows. Giving the blows back. Just the idea of being the unstoppable tank.

I think stealth is still my preferred, but sword is a lot closer than it was before. I tend to enjoy magic the least, but it does have it's place and moments. I enjoy my wizard I'm playing right now, but I also don't feel compelled to make another one. And even then, my wizard has a high dex and the bladesong subclass to be able to fight some.

What about you though? And does your preference change in SciFi games, Fantasy games, or more in between genres?

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