Friday, September 21, 2018

Discussion: Do you prefer Treasure Hunts or Heists?

With the talk this week being about the difference between Heists and Treasure Hunts, which do you prefer? Are you a fan of the clues, puzzles, and use of deep lore skills that star in Treasure Hunt stories, or do you prefer the games of Cat and Mouse where the roles change every little bit of a heist?

I personally prefer heists. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a good treasure hunting story. I really enjoyed both National Treasure movies and Sahara. However, there is just something special, and extra, about doing a heist that really appeals to me. It might be the criminal taboo aspect. It might just be the opposition putting the stakes higher. You fail at a treasure hunt, you don't find the treasure. You fail at a heist? your arrested at best, and probably much worse.

What about you though? Do you have a preference?


  1. I by far prefer heist. Stealing from wealthy criminals with the bonus of smarting a cunning enemy is cathartic. The twists are always fun.

    Treasure Hunt just never sat well with me because most of my experiences have been with murder hobos grave robbing.

  2. I think I prefer treasure hunts I guess because the direct opposition is mostly passive or natural. Someone else might be working against you, but it's not their treasure you're taking, just treasure they want too.