Thursday, August 16, 2018

Discussion: How Do You Roleplay?

On Wendesday I talked about ways to get closer to, and further from, your character depending on the mood of what was going on and what you needed.

Today I want to know, what's your default?

Do you dive into your character, speaking their words, and referring to taken actions as "I do this" or "I try Y"? Or do you keep the character in the third person, informing the table that "Laurana draws her bow and takes careful aim" or "Laurana watches the half elf leave, a somber expression on her face." Or are you somewhere in between?

I tend towards the middle, but leaning towards third person. While I will take the first person view at times, I frequently find myself keeping that third person distance of late. This is particularly true in heavy or emotional scenes, as I want that outside perspective to make sure I don't take things too far. I'm sure the tables I'm in could handle it, but I - personally - am nervous about over playing something, and some of my characters of late have a tendency to be dramatic making me really want to make sure I keep it in check if it is the primary focus before we can move onto things. Drama on the side? great. Drama in the spotlight? That can go too far fast in my experience.

But what about you?

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  1. I roleplay almost exclusively in the third person. I find immersion into a character to be creepy.