Friday, July 27, 2018

Discussion: Favorite Monster?

What's your favorite monster?

To be clear, I don't mean a custom made monster you did for a game - though I'd love to hear about that if you have one that is truly amazing.

I also don't mean the PCs - as much as we all know they can be monsters.

However, in the various RPGs you've played there have likely been Monster Manuals, or equivalent books full of creatures to fight the PCs in the games. Which of those are your favorite?

Mine, I'm afraid, is not particularly unique. I'm a big fan of Dragons. Dragon encounters in D&D are always that little bit extra epic while still providing imagery that everyone can more or less agree on. Yes, it does lead to some standard player actions - someone always wants to jump onto the flying dragon.

Still, over the years I've had so many more good encounters with dragons than bad ones, I just love them. I especially love them when you find them in other games, because I find how a system handles a dragon fight tells you a lot about how that system works. For example, in Shadowrun you don't fight dragons. They will kill you all dead. And that tells you a lot about Shadowrun.

But what about you?

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  1. In 30+ years of playing D&D, I have encountered dragons very infrequently, and mostly only when I have GMed and chose to incorporate them. 4th Edition D&D has dragons for every level and I've been trying to take advantage of that.

    I wouldn't say they're my favorite, since I haven't gotten to use them much. But then again, I can't say there's any monster I feel like I've used much. I might have to go with the ochre jelly. It's a low level solo opponent in 4th Edition and it can be quite troublesome. It has some fun mechanics. Its goals are simple but can still be more than to just kill the PCs. It doesn't require aot of roleplaying from me, but I can still have fun with describing its actions and reactions.