Friday, July 13, 2018

Description: Do You Prefer Mechanical Flaws Or RP Flaws For Your Characters?

In doing Character Creation for a friends new game last Saturday, I got to thinking about this. I, and a couple other people at the table, when given a choice of stat lines to go for got eager for stat lines that had some clear big numbers, but also some low numbers. Others tried to avoid those stats, but weren'y shy about building in other flaws to their characters through RP choices or how they built up their characters.

Do you have one you fall into?

I want to say I like mechanical flaws. I'm excited about my new character with a 4 charisma, and all the problems that could cause as I try to be social or sociable with said character. At the same time though, I'd be lying if I said that has always been the case.

In L5R for example some of my favorite flaws are ones like 'Driven', 'Haunted', and others along those lines. These flaws have no mechanical consequences to them in particular, but they are strong with narrative implications. I suppose - in a sense - driven has a mechanical component but more in the sense it says there is nothing you won't do to accomplish your goal.

If I'm being honest there is something fun about mechanical flaws and the trouble they can cause, but I also learned to GM when more adversarial GMing was the norm and so my instincts are also wary of it.

How about you?

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