Friday, June 15, 2018

Discussion: What Game Do You Want To Play In?

Given the choice, what type of game would you want to play in right now? What particular interests are tickling your fancy? What needs for story elements do you have?

Do you need to blow off steam with a straight up dungeon crawl/murder hobo-fest? Want something with a stronger story? The Cloak and Dagger of politics? The gallantry of an Epic Fantasy of good and evil? The daring adventure of Space Opera?

Personally, the only trend I see my brain keep coming back to is I want to play in a heist game of some sort. Leverage, Shadow Run, D&D, I don't care about the setting Just a game that follows the mechanics of how a proper heist works. The full steps of preparation, planning, execution, and seeing how things go wrong or right.

Heck, even the aftermath of a good heist can be fun.

What about you? And remember, it's play in, not GM.


  1. I'd like to play in a game in which something bad is going to happen unless we the players intervene by taking on several side missions. This is fairly common in TV seasons, in which the characters have a number of attempts to achieve victories that lead to a final confrontation. Ideally, we could lose in several or even all of our attempts and still get to face the final situation. Maybe we won't have a chance of success without enormous sacrifice (or even then) but we could at least show our faces and hold our heads high.

    And I like the threat to be real. I don't mean to the characters, but to the status quo. If the opposition is threatening to change things, then if we fail those things should change, so that our characters (or, our next characters) have to live with that change.

    1. A game with real chances for failure on big plot moments and meaningful consequences for said failure that aren't just make new characters? Sign me the hell up!

    2. Thanks. It's the only game I like to play in anymore. You don't have to kill my character for her to have failed, just blow up her planet while she's forced to watch.

    3. One of the few moments that has stayed with me for years after a friends Infinite Worlds GURPS game was two PCs destroying my homeworld because the big bad villain from another PCs homeworld showed up.

      It definitely had an impact!