Friday, June 15, 2018

Discussion: What Game Do You Want To Play In?

Given the choice, what type of game would you want to play in right now? What particular interests are tickling your fancy? What needs for story elements do you have?

Do you need to blow off steam with a straight up dungeon crawl/murder hobo-fest? Want something with a stronger story? The Cloak and Dagger of politics? The gallantry of an Epic Fantasy of good and evil? The daring adventure of Space Opera?

Personally, the only trend I see my brain keep coming back to is I want to play in a heist game of some sort. Leverage, Shadow Run, D&D, I don't care about the setting Just a game that follows the mechanics of how a proper heist works. The full steps of preparation, planning, execution, and seeing how things go wrong or right.

Heck, even the aftermath of a good heist can be fun.

What about you? And remember, it's play in, not GM.

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