Friday, June 29, 2018

Discussion: What Do You Look For In A Player?

What do you look for in a player? Not everyone has the luxury of hand picking for their games. Sometimes you have who walks into the store, or your group is friends and you enjoy the social time even if some of their player qualities can irk or don't fit types of games you want to run. However, if you could hand pick what qualities would you look for?

I'm fortunate that most of the people in the groups I'm in are people I would pick if given the choice. Players that are willing to trust each other, know how to share the spot light, and are more interested in telling a good story and having a good time rather than making sure the mechanics are crisp and followed RAW (not that there is anything wrong with this.)

I like story telling players who will invest in their character and the world, but also understand that the other players - and I - are also trying to tell our own stories and there needs to be room for those. That sometimes they won't get their ideal turn, but that we can work to get everyone a good experience and solid closure.

What about you?


  1. I like players who are active and creative because I want to give players room to contribute to the fleshing out of the world. Bonus points for either first time players or players who have played a variety of systems that provide different gaming experiences.

    1. It's always interesting when you get players who don't know what a system can't do and want to try things anyhow, so they bring new stuff into the game.

  2. I also prefer players who like to contribute to the game, especially those who want to contribute beyond just their character's capabilities.

    I prefer players who are capable of serenity and even enjoyment in the face of bad circumstances, to the point of cheerfully losing a character. I don't strive to kill characters, but players who are worried about it will push back at every downturn or event that occurs outside of their control.