Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Quick Fix: Turning Questions Around

I saw this on Twitter, and figured I'd share. I'm still parsing it myself, but it seems like a really cool tool/approach to use.

Twitter Thread

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  1. All great stuff, and it can work in any game, not just story games.

    "Yes, and..." covers a lot of this kind of thing. "Yes, the guards can be bribed and..." either a detail relating to that, or a leasing question back to the player.

    "... and you know one of them is in debt to a local madame and could really use some gold."


    "... and you can tell one of them is particularly desperate. What gives him away?"

    There might still be a skill roll involved, but now it's not in the blind. Ideally, the player helped create a new detail about the situation that will stick with them.