Friday, March 2, 2018

Discussion: Your Favorite System Right Now And Why?

There are a lot of games out there right now. I think I'm currently playing or running in 4 different games using 3 different systems - we all love L5R so that's doubled up. However, for today I want to know what your favorite RPG is, and why?

At present, I think my favorite system is 7th Sea 2nd Edition. I really like a lot of how the system works, but my favorite factor is the speed, and how that speed really encourages you to go for more complex scenes that don't really work in other games for various reasons.

For those that don't know, 7th Sea 2nd Edition works different from most RPGs. How? Well, most RPGs involve you declaring your action and turn, then rolling to see if you succeed or not. In 7th Sea you roll the dice - everyone rolls their dice - and then you go around the table telling each other what that means.

Because of this, fights go a lot faster and the system can naturally handle other things - like complex social interactions.

Also, Roll then Move naturally gets rid of things like the whiff factor because you rarely, if ever, end up with nothing you can do - and you know how much you can do before you start stating things. Which in turn encourages more complex events.

For example, 7th Sea doesn't do well with just straight combat. Straight combat is literally just "I rolled 7 points, I do 7 points of damage" unless you and the other person are duelists in which case you have a mini game. It's definitely fast - so yay for that - but you can do so much more. Consider one of the big set pieces from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Jack Sparrow, Will, and the Commodore from the first movie are all in a 1v1v1 sword fight over a key. The fight rages all over until all three characters are moving along a giant wheel free rolling across the land while still fighting. In most systems this doesn't work. In 7th sea, it's easy!

And that is part of why I love the system, and really want to get my hands into it to play. How about you?

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