Friday, February 9, 2018

Discussion: What Are You Working On?

Games involve work. They have goals. Players and GMs tend to work towards them, but do you ever let people know? I figured today I'd give folks a chance. Tell me what you're working on. See if you can put it in words. If you can't, maybe the idea needs more refinement. If you can, maybe it's time to let the rest of your group know.

The big thing I'm working on is the end of my L5R game. We started this game near 6 years ago, with the idea being to run a generational game. My original idea was to run until we got to the 3rd day of thunder, but another game with a lot of the same players got there first and I don't want to re-tread the territory. it'd be too much like copying. Beyond that, over the six years the group has changed. The people I thought would be the core have all moved to other places where they can't be in the game except for two of them.

I'd like the game to get the ending it deserves. I'd also like to do it before I lose more of the players that have been here for six years working towards it.

The other big thing is my D&D game. The PCs are currently involved in a war with hobgoblins, but my goal lies beyond that. Beyond the war is wealth, riches, a three year skip, and then basically a different kind of D&D game as the PCs have a stronghold and powerbase to fall back on.

What about you?

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