Friday, February 16, 2018

Discussion: Shopping Trips?

Shopping Trips seem to be a love it or hate it thing when it comes to RPGs. Some people love having their character go shopping, haggling for deals, and looking to see if they can find all the things they think they need, or if the GM can pique their interest with some other stuff. Others hate it. They don't want to waste a session spending gold and sifting through books for rarity tables, mechanics, and other such stuff.

My question for you today is where do you fall on the line here?

For me - and I suspect this may be somewhat common - it depends on the character. Some characters don't mind. Some character's hate it. However, even with the characters who love to go shopping I only really want it to be a scene or a session thing if the RP is going to be good. I could care less about if someone can find a special gun - that can be handled between sessions. However, if there's going to be fun RP, character revealing RP, or story RP? Sign me the hell up.

How about you?


  1. I hate it. Shopping is not adventuring. It can be, but there's a reason why action scenes outnumber shopping scenes in adventure movies.