Friday, January 5, 2018

Discussion: New Years Resolutions

New Years is often a time for people to try and borrow some of the energy of beginning a new year to make improvements in their life. Change long established habits. Maybe pick up some new ones. For gamers and GMs it's not unusual for some of those resolutions to be game related.

So do you have any game related resolutions?

This year I really only have one resolution. It's both very simple and small, and very large and terrifying. I am resolving to care more. I want to care more about the world, the seasons, my games, my friends, my self. So much of my life lately seems to get bogged down with work stress, and defragging from work stress, and I need to find better ways to deal with that so I can more.

For my games it means striving to improve further. Having prep done earlier and more completely going into games. Being ready to play when I am there as a player, and getting myself involved but not to the detriment of others.

How about you?

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  1. Last year I started once again running a long-term campaign, after a year-long hiatus from GM'ing. This year, while keeping that going, I want to add running periodic one-shots. In addition to that, I want to attend two gaming cons.

    I'm tempted to add one more...but I'd better leave it there!