Thursday, January 18, 2018

Discussion: Food At The Table

What's your stance on food at the table? A lot of people have a long, time honored tradition of snacks and drinks while playing RPGs around a table. I've been in some groups - and am in some groups now - where dinner is often served at the beginning of game and people eat throughout the game. Others don't like food at the table at all.

Where do you fall?

In general, I am for snacks and such being at the table. At the same time, I'd be lying if I said that the sound of others eating never bothered me. Fortunately, it's a sound that is fairly easy to drown out with other things, including background music.

What about you and your groups. How do you feel about food?


  1. Homemade muffins/brownies/cookies, fruit, nuts etc during play. Luckily, no one in our group is a noisy eater. As long as it's not something that makes a mess AND is shared with everyone. No bringing food for just yourself.

    That said, one of the group is an exceptionally bad cook and with another player having some dietary issues (as in health related), I had to put my foot down and decided to let everyone chip in and let me buy the groceries before the session. I don't mind eating something not-so-tasty every once in a while, but letting that player go without food because another doesn't understand meat has to be heated properly... goes too far.

  2. No bringing for just yourself seems like a good idea. I think my group does that to a degree (there are always snacks/food available for everyone), but it'd be interesting just having it as a harder rule, barring dietary concerns obviously.

  3. I always make sure there's food available for my players. There's usually never a shortage of cookies in my kitchen, and my fiancee and I will go out and buy snacks specifically for game.

    For that reason, and because I'm a person with dietary restrictions, people are allowed to bring food for themselves.