Friday, October 27, 2017

Discussion: Equipment & Weapons

Games, and stories tend to break to one side on gear. Either the gear a character has grows with them,  a meaningful item that the character is supposed to have a bond with. Alternatively, characters swap out for better and better items as the story progresses.

Games tend to favor the latter, while stories go more for the former. This can lead to some odd situations, like in Dragon Age: Origins where my human noble had her father's sword - and I wanted to hold onto it - but ended up having to get rid of it to stay a viable build later in the game. Or situations like this comic depicts for the Witcher 3.

Other games, like L5R, you end up keeping your sword or spear for the whole game, and there is little in the way of upgraded gear to really get. At which point it is up to you to make the story for it.

However, these situations where you stick to one item can rob you of the joy of finding an artifact weapon or earning that special upgrade that can make the character develop that little bit extra.

So which do you prefer?

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