Wednesday, October 4, 2017

7th Sea: Khitai - Kickstarter

At 9am EST yesterday, John Wick Presents launched the second kickstarter for 7th Sea 2nd Edition. The idea this time? To make a separate, but fully compatable, game of 7th Sea but for the East where the idea behind what constitutes a hero is a little different. 3 hours later - slower than the initial kickstarter but still fast - the game funded. As of the time of this writing, they're sitting just below the 100k line and looking to go forward.

It should be no surprise by now that I love 7th Sea. The game has a blend of indie game novely and big game crunch that's hard to come by. I'm intrigued by the mechanics, and amazed at how they handle some very complex things with a speed and efficiency I long accepted was simply impossible in table top.

Look, I could sit here and type the praises of the game, the world, and the makers forever. So all I'm going to say is this. The foreword of Crescent Empire, an expansion for 7th Sea second edition, included an anecdote where some people thanked John Wick because in his game they not only could be heroes, but were depicted as heroes throughout the book. That's the point of the game. 7th Sea is a world where anyone - no matter their race, creed, or class - is capable of rising up and being a hero, and finding out what that means.

It's a message we could use more of today.

So I hope you'll take a look at the kickstarter info presented here, and if you find it to your liking throw them a couple bucks and preorder a wonderful game. If nothing else, you can get access to the PDFs of every 7th Sea book released so far, both 1st and 2nd edition, and that's a great deal considering the price it is offered at.

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