Thursday, August 17, 2017

Gen Con Day 1 Recap

Today felt like a really quick day, but I also feel like I accomplished like 90% of what I really wanted to do this convention. Namely, I managed to play some 7th Sea which was fun, and I acquired a copy of the L5R boxed set.

The boxed set was most of the day. My friend and I weren't lucky enough to be among the 700 people able to get into the tournament, so we grabbed some generic tickets and set up camp around 9am for a waiting list. Even with that we were about 25th in line. Three and a half long hours of waiting later and the waiting list started to move. Then it stopped with us still about 10 people back. The judges started talking to each other. The number twelve was said. We counted down.

Fortunately the line was self policing and honorable. We were split in two lines but the people technically ahead of us in the other line flat out volunteered that myself, my buddy, and the two people behind us were ahead of them before. That rounded out the count to 12. We were in...kinda.

They didn't have enough seats in the tournament for us to play, which sucked. But they were willing to give us the game and the promo deck box in exchange for the event cost. Considering rumor is FFG sold out of the boxed sets inside of 90 minutes of the Exhibitor Hall opening and it's a sweet deal. So we took it. I'll have to check tomorrow if FFG has more of the boxed sets available.

All in all, I'm happy with how it worked out and the game is beautiful. I have some unboxing pictures (just quick snaps with my phone) I'll put up later when I have more time.

The 7th Sea adventure was standard fair by comparison. We showed up early, explained we had generics, and waited. Turns out they had some empty seats and so on the advice of one of the GMs we took seats for "Release the Kraken".

The adventure here was a blast. Hats off to the GM - Brian - for running an amazing adventure and handling all the hurdles players were throwing at him with Spider-man like grace and ease. The guy handled social knacks and seduction rolls mid-ship to ship combat, for just a sampler of what we put him through, and it ended up being a fun, funny, and thrilling bit of high seas adventure.

Between the two events ended up clearing the day. Normally I stick around for the night scene more, but I've been fighting a cough and I'm hoping to ditch it for more fun tomorrow/Saturday.

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