Monday, July 17, 2017

When It's All On The Line

Over the past weekend I watched a lot of Evolution 2017. If you're not sure what that is, Evolution is a massive fighting game tournament. In Evolution most of the big fighting games have major tournaments that give large amounts of ranking points in the leagues and circuits used to determine just who is the absolute best player at various games. It was a fun tournament and even for someone not into fighting games like me, a lot of awesome things happened with major clutch performances.

Watching the tournament also got me thinking. During the games the camera would show the players, and the different players were all going through the same emotions and tensions very differently. Some players were incredibly emotional, pumping hands in the air after major wins and needing a minute or two between rounds to calm down. Others were very stoic and plain faced. Most were somewhere in between.

It got me thinking about RPGs - like most things do - and about our characters. How we handle tension and stress in the midst of the big challenges of our lives says a lot about us as people, and there is a lot of room in there to make a unique character without changing someone's alignment.

So have you thought about it? Does your character get emotional and expressive? Cheering loudly when a fight that looked bad is won? Do they celebrate with the same abandon they fight with? Are they more calm and calculated the whole time playing odds and taking gambles but only after weighing out the risks? Does this impact the rest of how the character acts?

It's something worth thinking about. It's something I need to think about with the characters I have.

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