Friday, June 16, 2017

[Discussion] System You Most Want To Try Again?

We all have our regular games, or the game we're most comfortable with. However, what about the other games? One less in your comfort zone. One that intrigues you, but you're not sure you could actually run it or play in it? A system you tried once, or have heard about, but that's about it?

For me there are two systems currently that hit me this way. The first is 7th Sea which I feel I've never done justice to, but the system intrigues and pulls at me so much that I really want to try and just dig in deep with a small group of dedicated players. I've run 7th Sea once or twice. I've played in a short run game of it, and in a one shot at GenCon. The system has a ton of potential, and I know both games really only scratched the surface.

The other game is Demon: The Fallen (maybe it's the Awakening? not sure) Demon was my favorite game of the Old World of Darkness, though I only got to play it once or twice for one shot sessions. The New World of Darkness has me more intrigued. It reads like a spy thriller, and was described that way to me as well. I have some of the books to read through, but it's one of those games I'd love to try or see run before I tried to GM it.

What about you?


  1. FATE Core. I really love the concept, and the few times I've played or run it have been pretty great. I would want to play a protracted campaign in it, though, and really see how it's meant to be handled.

  2. Mutant Year Zero for me. I really enjoyed how the campaign was baked into the sysem. The only thing keeping me from running it again is getting some of the dice.