Friday, June 23, 2017

Discussion: Dice?

When I started playing games, everyone at the table needed to have their own dice, or a close friend who had pre-approved or pre-loaned dice to you. Touching another person's dice was grounds for a fight, and after the brawl was over you would be the one thrown out for starting it in the first place. Granted, it was a different time. People were a lot more cagey with all their stuff, and you didn't share your equipment list with the people next to you because that was a great way to have your stuff re-purposed into their stuff.

At the tables I've played at lately there has generally been a pool of communal dice. This is normally supplied by the host of the game, but enough of us have enough dice that we can loan them freely to the few without their dice. I specifically keep about 2 pounds of dice in a large tube near the table that are 'public' dice. You need dice? Grab a set or two of your choice from the tube. Just put them back once the game is over.

Basically, I've seen both extremes of treating dice. The groups where you didn't touch anyone else's dice and those where dice were just up for grabs on the table for everyone. Both groups worked fine - though the people who hoarded dice tended to be faster. I'm curious if that's bias or related to something else.

What about you though? Does your group have a strict dice policy? Do you have communal dice? Do people bring their own? If they bring their own, do they leave the sets in the house where game happens or do the dice travel?

Do you have a special set for your character?


  1. I tend to be a set for a character kind of guy, but that tendency if what ended up with me having a lot of communal dice.

    Also, once I realized that it didn't matter what dice I had, that my luck was going to be incredibly swingy I got a lot less weird about other people handling my dice.

  2. The groups I've been in have never been overly concerned about other people handling their dice, but it's never really come up because everyone brings their own dice. Having my own collection of neat colorful dice is something I love, and the people I game with feel the same. I'm always tempted to buy new sets of dice when I go into a game shop and pause at the dice display.

  3. The vast majority of my gaming is online. I'd never considered this factor, but I guess as far as dice is concerned, online gaming is the great peacemaker.