Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Discussion: What's Going On In Your Game Right Now?

I know it's Wednesday, but after this post is submitted I'm going to bed before a wonder 12+ hour day of driving and a few days out of state on a personal matter of the rather unhappy variety (all is ok, so no need to worry :))

It, and the extra business at work, has left me with little time to ponder a last blog post, so I figured I'd just ask what's going on in your game?

My L5R game is about to begin Winter Court. All the delegations have arrived, the PCs have orders, and the games are about to start. I'm hoping to run a tutorial for court - while also getting used to running court/politics myself. I'm not sure how bloody things are going to get, but the game is starting off with a masquerade party hosted by the Scorpion clan, so fun times should be afoot.

My other two games (Star Wars and 7th Sea) are both in transition points. So not as much fun there. Ah well.

How about your game?


  1. Let's see.. in the group I GM the players are nearing the end of an arc. They've been to a big party where they were supposed to get into contact with someone who can get them some highly protected information and had to protect some other NPC's from a group of assassins who are able to summon demons. They saved the NPC's but not without an allied NPC getting the blame (she wanted to help but ended up accidentally triggering the demon's special abilities, which made her look in league with it).

    And in the group where I'm a player we've done a sort of side-mission as one of the other players is on holiday and we have a hiatus between two arcs as well. So of course we ended up fighting some humongous monstrous giant undead crab. We ended up boiling the sea around it it and making crabsoup. With an unexceptionally high amount of puns flying around.

  2. In my regular Star Wars game, the players have finally had enough working for a fugitive Jedi-turned-crime lord and cut ties in a way that leaves a job unfinished and said crime lord very unhappy. They want to work for the Rebel Alliance instead, but the rebels want them to finish their old boss's plan of stealing three Star Destroyers... but deliver them to the Alliance instead.

    Amidst this backdrop, the doctor's own struggle with swearing to heal the wounded and being forced to do harm reached a climax, with the character deciding to walk out on the group and the player introducing a new character next session.

    All of this within a stone's throw of the end of the current arc and a sizable time skip. Should be good fun.

  3. Running some Shadowrun for the spooky season, showcasing the Halloweeners gang for theme. Game two of that arc tonight involving an abandoned mall and being chased through such by the Halloweeners, and their allies, the Jackie-O-Lanterns, and there will be devil rats.

    L5R is waiting to get the right mix of players back together so that they can make it to the Phoenix Winter Court and there may be bloodspeakers . . .

    The Curse of Strahd game I am playing in has been hit by player and GM illnesses so is not moving forward much. Though we lost a character to Strahd in the last session, the character will probably come back as a vampire spawn to bedevil us at some point.

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