Friday, September 9, 2016

[Discussion] Your Favorite Weapon In Any Game?

Do you have a favorite weapon from any game? A specific sword? A general type of weapon? Something that stuck out to you?

For me it has to be the Jade Jambiya used as the calling card of the Silent Whisper (I think that was their name) in Al'Qadim. My first experience with Al'Qadim taught me a whole lot about role playing, challenges, culture shock, and a number of other things. In that game, the GM used the Silent Whisper - an all female order of Holy Slayers (religious rogue assassins) as a sort of anti-hero antagonist. They weren't necessarily villains. They had reasons for doing their actions, and those reasons were actually better than why the PCs were there (i.e. they were defending their home and right to live, we were looking for a payday and some loot.)

By the end of the game, my tiny peon brain had been opened up to the worlds of possibilities that even just one RPG could have. I'm not sure I'd still be involved in RPGs if not for that campaign, those npcs, or their signature calling card that piqued the interest of my Elven spell filcher.

How about you?


  1. For me it is a toss up between the Bolter/Chainsword combo that epitomizes the horrifying reality of the 40k universe, and a Ghost Steel Repeater Rifle in Deadlands.

    Nothing communicates the horror of a universe like standard issue chainsaw swords, and explosive coke can launchers. It makes very clear that in this universe, not only do you not matter as a person, your death is going to be awful. The death of people near you is going to be awful. Blood will shower the area. and the stench of death will pervade the air.

    The Ghost Steel Repeater Rifle I loved because it was so very Deadlands. It was an incredibly powerful rifle that I had a character start with. The problem with ghost rock of course is it's made from the souls of the damned. This could never go wrong. It told everyone that knew what was going on, this bastard was A: either stupid or evil, and B: he was going to have a bad end. Spoiler alert, he was stupid, and ended badly.

  2. Al'Qadim also the inspiration of my favorite weapon, the scimitar.