Friday, September 23, 2016

[Discussion] Your Character's Favorite Food?

One of the fun questions I see featured a lot when trying to add depth to a character is about their food preferences or their favorite food. The mundane activites of life often get forgotten about when playing RPGs. Food is a multi-sense experience, and not one that can be done vicariously through the imagination. I mean, there's a reason "steak dinner" was a thing in the Matrix movies.

With that in mind, have you thought about what your character's favorite food is? Is it a meal? A dessert? An entree? A specific thing from a specific place?

My 7th Sea character had a thing for a spanish pastry I believe is called a Montiguelo. Knowing this was awesome when the GM randomly had some available in a scene and I got to comment on it - then steal them all from the table.

My current L5R character I think really loves green tea mochi when she can get her hands on it. Which is never right now because the Third Day of Thunder is happening.

I, personally, don't like fish and won't eat it except in sushi (weird, I know. Best theory is it is a texture/oil thing rather than a flavor thing).

What about your characters? What food gets them excited? What won't they touch if they can at all avoid it?


  1. One of my player's characters has a thing for bananas, every time anything remotely food-like comes up, it includes bananas. Another PC in the same group loves baking pies, and comes up with the craziest combinations and likes to start off a new questline with a new pie. Or end one with it of course, in celebration.

    Also, one of my former PC's returned as an NPC and she was given her favourite dish to eat: grilled chicken. It's her favourite because during the time when I still played her, the DM had a really annoying habit of waking up the PC's every single session with to a crowing rooster. As a wizard, my PC eventually decided she was fed up with it, fireballed the rooster and the party gleefully ate it for dinner later that evening. The DM wasn't as amused as the rest of the players, and was quite pissed off at me for weeks. The kicker? This happened thirteen years ago IRL. I described her favourite food last week. All players who were present during that certain event burst out laughing, still remembering the stupid rooster and how my PC dealt with it.

  2. This is the sort of thing I rarely think about before hand and just let emerge organically during play. That's how I found that my teen hacker in Shadowruns love french fries made from real potatoes for example.

    And, love the chicken story, Pixiedragon.