Friday, August 12, 2016

KickStarter: Reflections

I found out today from philgamer's twitter account that there is a 2 player RPG called Reflections in the works. In Reflections both players play Samurai about to meet for their duel to the death. You then reflect on your relationship with the character and how it played out, the key moments leading to this duel. As you reflect each player is trying to accomplish goals and deny goals to the opposition to get bonus dice. In the end, after you've recounted the story of te relationship you find out who is alive, and who is dead.

That summary makes it sound a little bland, but read the actual description on the KickStarter page. It sounds awesome. They also just crossed the Stretch Goal Line to get L5R and Blood and Honor creator, John Wick, to write a setting for the game.

This book is already funded. Get in on the action while Kickstarter prices are ere.

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