Monday, July 4, 2016

Discussion: Which Type of Character Do You Prefer?

Most people have a type. So what type of character do you prefer? For fun reference, here are some of the brilliant Overwatch cinematics. Does one of the characters speak to you or the type of character you like? Pretty much all of them do for me (hence why they're here.)


  1. I think the second short was much better, both in storytelling and character development, than the first but both were enjoyable.

    I discussed my taste in character archetypes here:

  2. I like both characters. The video for the first is the more interesting story and is better in matching the style of the characters in the game. I like stories like the second one and it is a good one. I don't enjoy characters like Black Widow or Hanzo as much as others.

    The two foils speak to me more, especially Genji.