Friday, February 5, 2016

Kickstarter: Tavern Tales

When it comes to fantasy role playing, most of the big names are fairly crunchy following the D&D and Pathfinder molds. While games like FATE do offer a more cinematic take, it does so through the lens of a universal game system. Tavern Tales by Dabney Bailey is looking to change that.

To steal from the Kickstarter page:

Tavern Tales is an exciting new fantasy-themed roleplaying game that follows these principles:
  • Stay simple, intuitive, and tactical
  • Emphasize customization
  • Enable well-rounded characters
  • Think cinematically, not mathematically
  • Grow with ongoing content updates
Tavern Tales is a player-driven, cinematic game that empowers you to play the way you always wished you could play. Have you ever wanted to ride a fire-breathing dragon, but you couldn't because the rules won't let you? Tavern Tales throws that out the window! You can build virtually any character imaginable. 
The folks behind the Kickstarter reached out to me about plugging the project, and it looks interesting enough I figured I'd at least spread the word. So maybe head on over and see if Tavern Tales is a game you'd be interested in helping out.
Oh, and if it does catch your fancy check out this competition on reddit. Win, and a character you make will appear in the official Tavern Tales release complete with official art. Other prizes include designing an item or object, or getting your character mentioned by name in the book.

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