Friday, February 12, 2016

Discussion: What Genres Do You Play?

When it comes to your gaming, what genres do you play? Do you have a preference? Is there a genre you haven't had a chance to play in but really want to? Is there one you're getting tired of playing in?

For me, a lot of it depends on if I am a GM or a PC. That said, I can't think of a genre I would shy away from. Not that it doesn't exist, but I can't think of one.

As a player, I tend to play in:

  • Fantasy (High and Low)
  • Urban Fantasy/Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Military
As a GM though, I tend to run...
  • High Fantasy
  • Space Opera
  • Super Hero
That said, I've run - and played - in the occasional cyberpunk, western, and other games. I'm rather loving the Dark Fantasy/Horror Shadows of Esteren game I'm in right now, and I can't wait to get my hands on 7th Sea for some Swashbuckling Adventure!

What about you? What genres do you find yourself in? What genres would you like to make your way over to?


  1. As a player I tend to play in:
    * High Fantasy
    * Space Opera

    As a GM I tend to run:
    * Low Fantasy
    * Military
    * Near Future
    * Horror

  2. The five main games for the last couple of years that have been at the top of my list that I run, would like to run and/or have been playing are Dark Heresy, Star Wars, L5R, Numenera & CoC.

    So put me down for:
    -Science Fiction
    -Space Opera
    -Alternative Fantasy (I'm putting both L5R & Numenera in this category.)

    In the last couple of months I started playing in my first D&D campaign ever (5e) & am getting a kick out of finally sinking my teeth into the RPG granddaddy of all time. So I guess put me down for at least a temporary Low Fantasy, though I don't expect it to start a trend.

    Funny A.L. that you mentioned Shadows of Esteren, since it's currently being offered as a Bundle of Holding. I was eyeing that and would love if, given the currently opportunity for discounted purchase & the good time you're having with it, that you'd do a post on it.