Friday, January 8, 2016

Discussion: What Are You Playing?

I like doing this at least once a year, and sometimes I find out about interesting games that are out there and I'd never heard of.

So, what are you playing of late?

I'm in several games. Let's see...

Every other Friday I'm in a Shadows of Esteren game that is a lot of fun. On the off Fridays I'm running L5R. Every other Saturday I'm in a different L5R game where we're doing the 3rd Day of Thunder (wee, Rokugan 2000!). Every other Sunday I'm running a FFG Star Wars game. Finally, monthly, I'm in a different FFG Star Wars game.

A lot of overlap, but also a lot of good and awesome games to be in.

How about you?


  1. I'm running a Barebones Fantasy powered game set in Tamriel shortly after the events in the game Skyrim.

    I'm running a Barbarians of Lemuria powered game in my own expansive sci-fi setting called Terminal Verge.

    I'm running a pbp Talislanta game.

  2. I'm running a long-running Dark Heresy campaign ever other Sunday. I play in a monthly SW Force & Destiny game. Another monthly FFG SW game, this one omnibus, is about to start that I'll be playing in. I play in a D&D5e gave every other Tuesday.

    My goal is to run some one-shots online of perhaps L5R, SW:F&D, Blades in the Dark or The One Ring.

  3. Online, I am GM for a D&D5e game and playing in a D&D3.5. I'm part of a podcast that plays PF primarily, but also does a number of one-shots; 7th Sea, Lasers and Feelings, Dresden Files, etc.

    My fast to face game is doing the Forthright Beta, two of the three developers are in the group; In between we have gone through every game book each of us has every purchased.