Friday, November 6, 2015

Discussion: What Music Does Your Character Listen To?

Music tastes, along with things like favorite foods and least favorite activities, are some of the things a lot of people don't think about when making their character. They're trifling details that can seem unimportant to what you need to know about the game. And yet, they can also tell you a lot about who the character is, if only by what they do for fun or what type of things they like.

Because of that, and because a GM recently asked me what music my character listens to in a modern day type game, I figured it would be fun to pose the question to all of you. Now, as a note, I do not mean what song makes you think of the character. I mean what type of music does the character enjoy listening to. If the character exists in a world like High Fantasy or Space Opera where music choices are more limited, assume they have the full option of what we have now a days to listen ot.

My own answers are as follows.

Character: Mirumoto Rei
Age: 15
Setting: Rokugan in approximately the year 2000 for 3rd Day of Thunder
Music Tastes: EDM, Trance, Electronica, Dubstep, Classical, Classical Remixes, and some modern pop.

Character: Spartan G106, Melissa
Age: 10 (Gamma company Spartans.)
Setting: Halo Universe, ~2554
Music Tastes: Classical, anything with heavy percussion, string quartets.

Character: Faida O'Broin
Age: 24
Setting: Shadow of Esteren (Dark Gothic Celtic Low Magic Fantasy)
Music Tastes: Poe (specifically: Haunted), Nine Inch Nails, Flute and Violin pieces, especially slow ones

Character: Galvin Raeth
Age: 27(I think)
Setting: Star Wars (about 1BBY)
Music Tastes: Industrial, anything heavy and fast.

How about you?


  1. Character: Koh Naal
    Age: 17 (maybe 18 now)
    Setting: Star Wars (~1 BBY)
    Music Tastes: Fall Out Boy, X-Ambassadors

    Character: Tawagoto Oromari
    Age: 17
    Setting: Rokugan (~Second Day of Thunder)
    Music Tastes: Rachel Platten, Elle King, general K-Pop

  2. Character: Morgan Roberts
    Age: 32
    Setting: Forgotten Realms/Medieval
    Music Tastes: Opera, Limerick, lamentations; Really any music sung acappella that is filled with emotion.

    Character: Lasko Emmon
    Age:  21
    Setting: Golarion / Medieval
    Music Tastes: Top 40, big band or easy listening. He like upbeat an cheery music.

    Character: Antaus Aganess
    Age: 25
    Setting: 80'-90' Cartoon Mashup with a dark streak.
    Music Tastes: Indie Rock, Neo Soul, Funk, Electronic rock. He tries too hard to be cool and fails.