Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Would You Handle This With Mechanics?

I apologize for the Halo videos, but Halo 5 came out last night and I spent most of last night playing the first 40% of the campaign with a friend. It is good fun and if you like FPS games should give it a try. Now, that said, I always try to have a cinematic component to my table top games. This often leads me to wondering how would you handle cinematic action scenes in a table top game. For today, I figure I'd pose the question to you (and I'll answer in more detail myself on Friday.)

Below the break you'll find the intro video for Fireteam Osiris and Blue Team from Halo 5. They're both interesting sequences, and the kind of thing I could see happening in many Sci Fi games focused around super soldiers or the like. How would you handle a sequence like this? What game do you think would be best suited for it?

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  1. I would get a stack of index cards and write individual challenges on the cards. I would have things like a soldier, crashing ship, sudden fall, mortar fire, etc. on each index card (think PF chase deck). I would shuffle the index cards and draw two or more cards at random each round. That helps keep the situation relatively chaotic; I like to have the random cards here because not knowing what I'm describing from moment to moment helps me keep my description frenetic; I'm finding out about the situation the same time as the players.

    Mechanically, I would handle that type of scene like it is some form of complex skills challenge. Most rulesets have rules for complex challenges and the only change that will be needed is to add an attack skill check.

    From there I would just frame the scene as complete chaos and that they will have to survive on their instincts. Some decisions should be made at the last second like only noticing the alien soldier only moments before it shoots. Having the situations require an ally to save your butt helps too.