Friday, October 16, 2015

Discussion: How Do You Reset?

Sometimes you need a reset. Sometimes the last few sessions, last few arcs, or last few whatever have left a taste in your mouth that isn't good for what is going to happen next. Maybe you just left some deep, dark, soul delving issues behind and want something more light. Maybe you just had a bitter betrayal. Maybe the last few session have been full of comedy and you want to get into serious things. Either way, ytou need a palette cleanser. So what do you do?

For the games I'm a part of we play only every other week, which lets time do a lot of work for me in that regard. Even then, movies, tv shows, and music can help switch my mindset and mood while planning a game.

What about you though? What do you do? What cleanses the palette for your brain so you can shift gears for your game?

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  1. New players have often provided a spark that's served as a mini-reset in a long-running campaign. (Though, less often, a new player that turns out to be a bad fit, can cause a headwind for the game.)

    My 2.5 year Dark Heresy campaign just gained two new players that, from all early signs, are going to be rock solid. It inspires me, because I've got a newly robust group to run for that I don't want to disappoint.

    Things weren't going badly, but it's nice to get some change that provides a little boost. I'm certain that the existing players feel the new energy, as well.