Friday, September 18, 2015

Discussion: I got nothing.

Heya folks. So I've been staring at this blog window for over an hour and it occurs to me that this week has been so burn-out crazy with work that I've got nothing to say. Rather than have no update though, I thought we'd talk about just that...nothing.

So how are things going? How are your games going? I think I'm currently in like 4 or 5 games. Let's see..

Shadows of Esteren - This one just started recently and I'll be playing it tonight. It's fun times. The GM has really been knocking it out of the park with the feel of the game, and all the players have brought a fun bunch of characters to the table. We've had 3-4 sessions of "village simulator" and it's been an absolute blast to play as we all learn the system, the world, and feel what is going on.

Halo - A homebrew mod of R&K I made, a friend expanded on for the Halo universe, and another friend expanded further and is running a game on. Most of the PCs are playing SPARTAN III's from Gamma Company and we're post the Covenant War if you know the Halo story line. Fun times as the UNSC has to deal with insurrectionists and people tired of military totalitarianism after a war for extinction.

D&D Dwarf Game - This one I'm running. Nothing fancy. Nothing super special. Just D&D dungeon crawls and adventures in an subterranean dwarven kingdom. This one goes on Saturday, though I don't have a clear cut idea what my plan is aside from it's probably going to involve skeletons and maybe some variant of hob goblins.

I'm also in two Star Wars games. One I'm running. One I'm in. These though...they're both in interesting spots I'm not even sure how to explore.

That's me though. What about you? How are things? What's going on?


  1. Game group just had our 1-year anniversary playing 5ed. I'm running Rise of the Runelords (and converting it mostly on the fly.) We play every-other week for about 3 hours. The party is coming up on the final chapter of Hook Mountain Massacre, so about half way through the adventure path. The group and story seem healthy, so I'm looking forward to another year, and finishing that epic adventure path!

    1. That sounds like a lot of fun actually. Was it hard converting Rune Lords from Pathfinder to 5th Ed?