Monday, August 10, 2015

A Diggy Dig Hole

Hey! I recognize the original post for today is a bit on the short side, and so you guys get TWO short posts instead of one normal posts.

So, fun news. I'm finally going to be able to run a D&D 5th ed game of a sort. Not a long game, but a game. How? Well, on Saturday we brought the pirate generation of my housemate's L5R game to a close. Good times were had, but more importantly the GM needs a small break. Why? Because the next arc/generation is actually the third day of thunder, taking place in a Rokugan set in a very modern day that has forgotten all about magic and prophecies except as legends Hollywood occasionally dips into for movies. It should be fun, but the idea needs so more time in the oven before it is good to go.

Because of that, I'm going to be filling in and running a small D&D game. The idea is simple. Everyone is playing a level 1 dwarf, and they're going to be going on adventures for their dwarven kingdom. Details beyond that are sparse because, to be frank, the idea is fairly simple. I mean, it is a level 1 adventure so it kind of has to be but has the potential to grow more complex as the adventure goes on and levels go up.

That said, I'm trying to decide how I want players to do their stats. I've done some research and found there are a lot of cool ideas out there. I figured I'd bring it to you. Which do you think is the best?

To be clear, the idea is that no matter what method I choose the players will also have the option for a "standard array" of stats. At present, the suggested standard array is: 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8

Other options for random rolling I've found:

  • Roll 3D4, drop the lowest, and add 7
  • Roll 4d6 reroll the first 1 on each die, drop the lowest
  • Roll 4d6, drop the lowest, replace lowest total roll with an 18
  • Roll 3D6, drop the lowest, add 6 to the total
  • Have everyone roll 1 stat with 4D6 drop the lowest, group all shares that stat block
  • Roll 20D6, drop the lowest 2, arrange into 3 dice groupings for your stats
  • 1D16+2 for all 6 stats
  • Roll 3 sets of stats, choose the one you want
  • Everyone rolls a set of stats and presents them to the group, players choose which they want to use
Are there others you use that I didn't list?

If nothing else, I like all these options because they all show different things GMs are concerned about. The last one in particular seems like a great way to have random stats, but not to shaft someone if they rolled crap while someone else rolled amazingly.

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