Monday, July 20, 2015

Prepping For GenCon

This is the last full week before GenCon, and like last year I'm going to be going for the so called "best four days of gaming." Unlike last year, this isn't going to be my first trip. As such I have some experience in the matter, and am hoping to use that to be better prepared.

Last year, among other things, I found out just how hard on the feet GenCon can be. Unfortunately, physically I fit a bunch of generic gamer stereotypes. I'm heavy set (to say the least), bearded, and all that fun stuff. However, the con did totally make it worth making the trips. Because of this, I intend to bring a new pair of shoes, or at least get some of those soles you place inside to make them more supportive.

Other basic consideration: a bag to carry things, some snack food (food is expensive and hard to find at the con itself) and drinks. Changes of clothes are a necessity, deodorant and shower supplies as well. Last year I ended up showering twice a day just because. The morning shower helped me wake up. By the end of the day I was so tired - and at times sticky and sweaty - that the evening shower was all that was needed to put me down for the night.

Those are the basic things. But what about the gaming?

Like last year, I have no intention of bringing books. I'm not running any games myself and there are generally plenty over there. I may buy some - I intend to at least try to get a copy of Force and Destiny while there - but I see no need to weigh myself down with books. Instead, well, the plan is to plan.

The fun thing I learned last year at GenCon is that while all the "really cool" looking events that are listed fill up fast, all you really need is to plan for the day. Find the area where the games you want to play are being done, grab a handful of generics and go over. You'll find something.

But what about the blog?

There will be posts on Wednesday, Friday, and next Monday. Odds are they will be related to GenCon in some way, but I reserve the right to talk about other things like my game and such as normal.

For now though, what about you? Anyone else going to GenCon? What are you looking to play if so? My friend and I are hoping to get in some D&D 5th ed and some Legend of Five Rings. If I can, I also want to get at another Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars table as it was a blast last time. Beyond that? Anything I can do is gravy, though I am torn on the Writer's Symposium. Last year I did a lot of stuff with it. This year, I wanted to focus more on gaming...which is of course why two of my favorite authors are going to be speaking at the symposium this year.


  1. Your advice roughly parallels my own, found here:

    I would love to play a variety of things, including some of the indie RPGs but I will probably not have time as I am GMing 28-hours of L5R. Which, by the way, feel free to drop by and play in if you have time.

    1. L5R is in the Marriott if I recall correctly, my plan is to spend time out that way, so I may end up in one of your games. Also, I can't fathom going to a con and GMing for that long. You are either a saint, or an addict. Either way, thanks!

    2. In my case, it is because I work for the AEG demo team (and have done since 2000). But trust me, 28 hours of GMing is better than the same amount of time being a booth monkey.