Friday, July 24, 2015

Discussion: Basic Etiquette & Personal Tips For a Convention

This time next week GenCon will be in full swing. That means that this time this week a lot of people are likely finalizing their plans for going to GenCon. As such, it seems an apt time to have a friendly reminder for basic etiquette. Not game etiquette, but actual person to person etiquette. I have my list of basics. Please, add your own in the comments.

  • Bathe - No, seriously, bathe. Bathe every morning. Bathe in the evening too if you feel you should. Be clean. Wear deodorant, wash your hair, wash your body. You'll feel the better of it, and people will be happier to be near you. Everyone sweats. No one will hold it against you if you're a bit sweaty at 3pm in the convention center. They will if you smell like 2-3 days worth of sweat though. So bathe.
  • Clean Clothes, Fresh Socks & Undies - This is, perhaps surprisingly, as much for you as it is for everyone else. Clean clothes - even if a bit wrinkled - will help you feel more awake and fresh. It also won't smell of yesterday's funk. Socks and undies hold the worst of your funk because they're enclosed. They also have the most power to help you feel fresher. Keep your socks clean (at least a fresh pair daily) and the same with your undies, and you'll just be happier.
  • Care For Your Feet - Ladies, the heeled shoes may be super cute, but unless you know you can walk several miles in them and stand all day it may be best to wear something more comfortable - or have something on hand. Fellas, the same goes for you. You walk and stand a lot at conventions. That puts your feet under a lot of stress, so take care of them and don't be afraid to take breaks to rest them.
  • Be Civil - You're going to have a lot of people around you at a con. because of this, emotions can get heated. If someone jostles you don't just push back. Be civil. When you speak to people be polite. When you speak to con staff, be polite. No one wants to deal with a raging jerkbag, and there frankly is no reason. It is one weekend. Everyone is there to have a good time, and that is a lot easier if everyone stays on their best behavior.
  • Don't Touch People - Don't touch people without permission. Seriously. Do you want to be touched by every random stranger? No? Then don't do it to other people. If you don't know the person as a close and personal friend, don't make contact unless they give you permission.
  • Ask Before Taking a Picture  - Ask before you take someone's picture. If someone is in the background of a picture whatever. If they're focused on, you want permission. Yes, evenfor cosplayers. Heck, with cosplayers you want to ask because many will pose and give you a much better picture. Don't demand pictures. Don't be a jerk about it. And if someone is already taking a picture, don't get in the way. Remember, be civil.
  • Respect Traffic Flow - Traffic flow in crowds is important. If you are in a lane of moving traffic, move with it. If you have to stop, then step to the side and get out of the lane. Try not to hit people. Try not to bump people. And try not to obstruct traffic.

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