Friday, June 12, 2015

Discussion:What Summer Release Are You Looking Forward to?

With the summer comes the conventions. Origins has already come and gone, and GenCon is coming in the end of July. Summer also means summer releases for games. A lot of companies like to release games around GenCon. Others just like having their product out in the summer when folks are thinking about vacations and camping trips where people can bring gaming books to have a good time without all the TV screens and computer monitors.

So, with all that coming up, what summer release are you looking forward to?

Personally, I'm looking forward to the official release of Force and Destiny. Not only does it finish the "core" series of the FFG Star Wars systems, but I'm just a fan of the game. I've been running a beta game with some friends on Roll20 and it's been going well. I'm excited to see the full version, and I'm excited to see what comes with it. I'm also looking forward to it because with the corebook out it means the splat books for it are also just around the corner.

FFG has always done a good job of supporting their games, and Star Wars is no exception. With Episode VII just around the corner, I'm expecting big things from the RPG if only to cash in on the movie hype.

What about you? What are you looking forward to?

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  1. I'm creating my Force & Destiny character right now for a new campaign my friend's starting - so I'm definitely excited for the Core book's release coming up.

    The narrative dice are just so intriguing in FFG's Star Wars system. Having played quite a bit of Edge of the Empire, the challenge seems to be the amount of relentless granularity that just about every roll brings to the story. What I've seen commonly happen, is that eventually in a session the distinction in outcomes between a dice pool result with 1 Advantage and a dice pool result with 4 Advantages starts to blur. The GM just shot their creative wad narratively parsing out the results of two dice pools ago that had two Successes, 3 Threats and a Triumph. However, they dug deep and ably executed an interesting outcome for their NPC's 1 Success and four Threats. However, that just simply didn't leave much in their creative tank for this roll's load of narrative granularity with a net Failure, three Advantages and a Despair.

    I think that this game with these dice *requires* as much creative input from the players as any game out there. My theory is that as a premise for the scenario or campaign, right up front the GM needs to build very strong expectations that the players will be required to decide & elucidate at least most of their own roll's Successes and most of their own roll's Advantages.

    I see the narrative dice as an advanced tool - pretty challenging, but there's an awfully lot of meat on that bone.