Monday, April 6, 2015

Discussion: Dealing With Life's Distractions

Life has a way of getting very busy at times that may not be the best when you consider your game plans. A slew of weddings when you are coming up on a big moment in the campaign, or a moving friend, can take a lot of your prep time away.

My question today is how do you scrape out your planning time when life isn't letting up? Are there shortcuts you take (more pre-fabricated enemies? More winging it?) Do you have a technique you use specifically for fast generation? Or do you just suck itup and deal or drag things out so you have a bit more time?

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  1. This feels like a confession, but I have facilitated a combat going longer to soak up more time of a session. My group enjoys tactical combat, so it didn't seem like a major thing.

    If I feel particularly unprepared, I think the most important thing for me to do is just relax. Me feeling stressed is going to affect the session more than any lack of preparation. I need to just go into it looking forward to honing my improv skills …and chances are it will work out fine.