Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Discussion: What Gaming Stuff Do You Want For The Holiday?

Just a quick post today for Christmas Eve before I head off on vacation for the rest of the year. What are you looking for under the tree this year that's gaming related?

It's funny for me. I ask this question, but I'm already pretty set with everything. There are some books that are coming out - and should be out any day now really - that I'd love to have, but nothing that I'm particularly salivating for for Christmas.

Those books, for those wondering what games have my eye are: Breachworld (which should be out very soon by the way,) Fight School (still in art/editing, but coming along nicely I hear,) and then Lords of Nal Hutta and Stay On Target for the FFG Star Wars games.

Beyond that, pretty sure I have everything I need for games I'm running right now.

How about you?


  1. Breachworld is pretty exciting. What I really want is a magical way to create time and mental energy for running and playing more games.

  2. Wouldn't mind the two new books for Dark Heresy 2e (one is out & the other is pre-order). FFG's Age of Rebellion Core Rulebook would be fun. The last few L5R books to come out would be great. A Roll20 subscription would be a pleasant surprise. Is also mentioning CoC7 overdoing it? I'll leave it there, lest Santa think I'm greedy (too late).

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