Friday, November 14, 2014

Discussion: Character Death

It occurred to me today that it has been a very long time since I've had a PC die on me. In fact, in the past six years of table top gaming I can only think of having to make a new character mid-game once, and that was in a Dresden Files game when my Changeling couldn't be a PC anymore because they chose to become true fae.

I'm not adverse to PC death. I accept it can happen. So far though the dice have been kind, and that is awesome. Still, I figure it is only a matter of time before it happens again, and likely will strike at whichever character I have that I love most - likely as universe spite for this very post.

My question, or prompt for today is this: who was the last character you played that died in game? How did they die? Why were they in that situation? What did you bring in to replace them, if you even did bring in a new character?

Share the stories of your favorite character's last moments.

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  1. The last character I had die in game was Mirumoto Takahashi Ayashi. She died going out already severely injured during a major battle to try to pull in her injured and unconscious friends from the battlefield against the Shadowlands, and found her friend unconscious by her dead horse with two ogres. She got one, and the other killed her instantly.

    I brought in Yoritomo Akatachi who is a court able warrior that is much more dangerous than he appears.

    I'm not sure what my favorite character death was. I've had so many good ones. I think it comes to Greg. Greg was the idealistic Superman type. When he found out he had powers he quit the football team where he'd been the star, and when he got hit with a missile that burst with some sort of powder, he turned himself in to the police since he wasn't sure if it was chemical weapons. They took him to super prison, mostly full of people he'd put there.

    That night there was a break out, and he tried to keep the staff and guards safe. He got beaten down hard, and took a moment recovering under an APC he'd been hit with as a projectile. He got back up, and fought until he was barely standing again, and offered to the villains, "I'll stop fighting back if you let the staff and security go, and don't hurt anyone else." The break out team radioed back, and got the approval. When the rest of the team showed up, Greg had been beheaded, without a fight, and the prison staff and security were safe, no one else had been hurt.