Monday, September 29, 2014

Real World Interruptions

Last week I missed our regularly scheduled posts due to the real world. This is something that happens from time to time with games - and blogs apparently - that not everyone always knows how to deal with that, so I figured I'd make a post and folks could comment with their own strategies.

It Is All About Priorities
The first thing you need to realize is that objectively life is about priorities. How much you value something determines how much of you it gets. This can put you in painful situations where something you value more wants to exert its priority, but remember that you value these things the way you do for a reason. If a higher level priority regularly wants your game time, then that is not the best time to have game. Likewise if a higher tier priority regularly wants you at some other time, things need to change for it.

On the flip side though, that means that things that are valued less should move for things that are valued more.

Take A Deep Breath And A Step Back
So life is flying at you and your plans have to change on the fly. Things get hectic fast, and it can be easy to get consumed and fall into a state you don't want to be in. When that happens take a deep breath and a step back. The deep breath is to calm down. The step back is to get a look at the bigger picture of what is going on. Together this can help you re-assess the situation.

Make A Plan Of Attack
While you have that bigger view of events, try to make a plan to get through it all. This is easier or harder depending on the situation, but there is always a way through. Maybe you're going to wait a couple days for things to cool down, or maybe you're going to get prep and preliminary work done and then address the core issue. Maybe you just have to re-arrange your life to handle something. Whatever it is, having a plan will make things easier.

Stick To The Plan But Don't Be Afraid To Modify It
As things get hectic it will be tempting to go off plan. Try to resist that urge. If events change so much that the plan needs to change, then change the plan and then act on it, but keep to your plan. It's going to be a lifeboat for you in tumultuous times.

Everything Gets Better
Finally remember that everything gets better. Pain fades, crisises end, and life goes on. Find the silver linings where you can. Embrace the good moments. Let the bad things go.

Best of luck to everyone, and when things get too heavy remember that you have friends and family who care about you and want to help you see it through.

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