Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GenCon Preparations

A week from today I'll be leaving home and heading for GenCon. The Convention itself is even kind of starting. It feels weird having it so close, especially when planning for this began in January. Still though, I've been doing some research and figured I'd make a list of my GenCon preparations for others to compare to.

My intention is to travel light. This is for two purposes. First, the less I bring the less I can lose and the less I have to carry around with me. Two, the more room it will make for bringing swag back.

To this end I'm not planning on bringing a bunch of gaming books or even dice.

What I am planning on bringing is the following:

  • A bag to carry things
  • A bottle of water (at least one)
  • Some light snacks (granola bars most likely)
  • A small tablet w/ PDFs of some game books (FATE, some L5R pdfs, etc)
  • Phone/Camera
  • A notebook
  • Pens/Pencils
  • A change of shirt
  • Deodorant
And that is about it. Obviously I'm bringing clothes, toiletries, and soap to the hotel but that is my plan for going around the convention. Water I imagine will be the big thing to keep on hand, while the tablet is something I'm going to have to keep a hand on (just in case) but also should optimize space vs. desired books/information. I'm also going to try to make it a point (depending on shuttle schedules) to head back to the hotel to drop off any purchases because, well, RPG books get heavy fast and ain't no one wants to carry that around.

Did I miss something you'd consider essential?

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